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BlueBucksClan Deliver New Track “When You See Us”

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BlueBucksClan kicks the year off with their latest track, “When You See Us.”


The West Coast’s hottest duo are keeping the momentum high as they enter a new year. BlueBucksClans’ DJ and Jeeezy Obama have slid through with their latest offering to kick off the year titled, “When You See Us.” With eerie production backing them, they get right to business as they assert their status against the opposition. “N***as couldn’t get with my bitch if y’all linked once,” DJ raps with a bubbling ferocity in his tone. Jeeeezy flosses on his verse, reflecting on the copious amounts of designer wear that occupies his closet space.BlueBucksClan had a massive year in 2021 with the release of Clan Virus 2, which hopefully sees a follow-up soon. Check out their interview on Rise & Grind here and peep the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
D’usse and the lemonade, this ain’t green tea
I had a fresh ass fade when you seen me
All these hunnids in real life, this ain’t TV
When I was broke, n***as always wanted to leave me


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