Blac Youngsta Just Wants To Count His “Money” On New Video

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Blac Youngsta is back to the “Money” on his latest single.


The CMG crew is working heavily these days. Earlier this year, Yo Gotti unveiled CM:10, his latest double-disc studio album. However, the album only kicked off the campaign for what was to come. He later announced a slew of signings, including Mozzy, as well as his new partnership with Interscope.Blac Youngsta has remained consistent in his output over the past few months, which leads us to believe that a follow-up to Fuck Everybody 3 is officially on the way. Today, he shared his latest single, “Money.” The rapper showcases his maturity and range on his latest single, flexing his melodies and bluesy delivery as he reflects on growing up in poverty, making it out, and financial literacy.Check out the latest from Blac Youngsta below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Hopin’ all my n***as keep it real until I pass away
We was wacking shit when we done hit the high school and graduate
Murder cost a fee but I promise that boy won’t last a day
You may think I’m lyin’ but I promise, boy, ain’t exaggerate



Marathon Continues

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