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Big Sean & Hit-Boy Stir Up “Chaos” On “What You Expect” Intro

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In 2020, Big Sean made his triumphant return after a few years of laying low. The release of Detroit 2 was embraced by many of his day-one fans, and hip-hop heads in general. Sean reached a level of maturity that wasn’t heard on previous projects and his ear for beats only got more refined. On Friday, the rapper came through with a brand new EP, entirely produced by Hit-Boy.What You Expect hones into the chemistry that Hit-Boy and Big Sean have established over the years. On the project’s intro, “Chaos,” Hit-Boy lays out an equally triumphant and suspenseful beat that allows Big Sean to prove that he has flows for days.

Check out the highlight off of Big Sean and Hit-Boy’s new collaborative project What You Expect below.

Quotable Lyrics
Addicted to C-notes, I went up an octave
Strategically movin’, to win, only option
Bitch, I ain’t forcin’ it, holiday season, I’m covered in ornaments
This ain’t a tour, this a tournament 

Marathon Continues

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