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Big Sean & Hit-Boy Reflect On Success On “What A Life”

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Hip Hop fans are receiving a treat at the top of Friday (October 22) morning thanks to Big Sean. The rapper recently blazed through his eight-minute L.A. Leakers freestyle on Power 106, and on Thursday, he decided this would be a good time to deliver new music. Sean Don has released “What A Life,” a Hit-Boy-produced single that finds the Detroit rapper reflecting on all aspects of his life from his upbringing to his successes.

On Twitter, Sean send a series of tweets where he spoke about various aspects of his career, including his time with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. “Been locked in and have a lot planned for anybody who supporting n ride for me,” wrote Sean. “Ain’t fans, y’all fam at this point! New music, merch, bars, ideas, energy, etc, basically just all sides of me I wanna share! If u got love for me I need to see you step up for me, and show up 4 me!”

Stream “What a Life” and let us know what you think of Big Sean’s latest.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m at four-field like a titan
And I’m makin’ sure all my loose ends tied and
I’m in love with the hustle, so it’s never tied-ins
I ain’t seen her ass in years, she just let me right in
This sh*t off the dome, this sh*t off the dome, I’m goin’ right in
I ain’t even write it, but this sh*t been already written

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