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Bankrol Hayden Wants ‘No Drama’ On New Single

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Hayden drops his third single of the year.


Bankrol Hayden has kept relatively quiet in 2021 after dropping his debut album Pain is Temporary in June 2020. With hits like the “Costa Rica” remix with The Kid LAROI and “Whatchu On Today” with Polo G, Hayden’s album spring-boarded him melodic rap prominence.Since 2021 began, Hayden has only released a handful of solo singles, which started with the summer-influenced bop “Cabo” in June. He then remixed the song with some new wave rappers like DDG and teenager KA$HDAMI in September.

His next single “Come Through” dropped three weeks later, as he built a little bit of momentum going into fall.

Now, Bankrol Hayden is back, releasing his single “No Drama” on Friday (Dec. 3).

The song spans over three minutes, as Hayden explains how he stays unproblematic. Over the instrumental with loud claps and groovy looped strings, Hayden croons about how he would rather take expensive vacations than tend to a baby momma and kid.

In the verses, he lets off amusing flows with Paris Hilton, BillClinton and Call of Duty references, asserting that he is just here for a good time.

Check out Bankrol Hayden’s new song “No Drama” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ayy, no drama
I don’t want no baby momma, that’s too many comments
To be honest, I just want Balenciaga
Wake up everyday do what I wanna
I just might go take a flight to Guatemala just to fuck somebody daughter

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