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Asiahn Drops Off Jazzy New Single “We Can”

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After releasing the sultry “Fall Back” just over a month ago, 3x Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is back with single, “We Can.”Winding around a couple of interludes that sample the late, great Eartha Kitt, Asiahn floats on top of a jazzy instrumental, telling the story of a powerful woman taking control of a relationship. Over swift drum patterns and flutters of flute and sax, Asiahn puts her angelic vocals on full display, sings about taking it slow, and not making it too easy. Asiahn acknowledges that there are good vibes, but makes it clear that this won’t be a one-night stand.

Bouncing between quick one-liners and drawn-out falsettos, Asiahn perfectly places every word into the fast, jazzy instrumental and sews a full range of emotions into the fabric of the song. Different from “Fall Back”, “We Can” is a blend of contemporary song writing and mid-20th century jazz and is a record you can sit back with, light some incense, and let the music take you away.

Quotable Lyrics
I can’t make this thing too easy
Gotta try you out
See if you are one you say you are
Without a doubt
You got a vibe, yeah
I don’t take it light, yeah
Stay with me for the night, yeah
Relax and just get high

Listen to Asiahn’s “We Can” below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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