Anders Makes Major Label Debut With “Come With Me”

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Anders announces a new chapter with his funky new single.


Toronto R&B artist anders has been making hits for a while now. He’s made his name through singles like “Diamonds,” “Bad Guy,” and “Love No More,” a 2018 Loud Luxury release. The series of infectious songs have racked up big numbers– anders has about 300 million streams across his discography.

Now, anders has entered a new phase in his career, signing to Warner Music Canada. His latest single, “Come With Me,” is his first for the major label. “This single is a perfect debut for my new journey with Warner Music Canada. ‘Come With Me’ is a record I wrote to express the longing for love and a relationship,” the artist said. “Trying to substitute that feeling never really yields the same results.”

The song’s sound is upbeat, with a buoyant instrumental that slowly builds to forefront a funk-inspired horn section. anders’ chorus is characteristically catchy, detailing the beginnings of a new fling: “You got a lotta places you can go, but come with me,” anders sings. It’s an exciting taste for what’s to come. “I’m on a new direction sonically and I’ve secured the love and team I need to reach new heights,” says anders of the single. “I have a lot in store for fans to continue this journey with me.”

Check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics

So you broke your heart into pieces
Got your guard up, playing defense
Wanna take a trip to Europe for the weekend
I see shorty out in Paris for the weekend


Marathon Continues

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