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Aminé Gets Experimental On His Latest Full-Length, “TWOPOINTFIVE”

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In 2018, Amine was roughly a year removed from his official debut album Good For You when he decided to treat his fans with a new project. The full-length effort, which was titled ONEPOINTFIVE, served as an in-between-albums type of project, and in its trailer, Amine even made fun of the vague labels that projects are often given.”Mixtapes are albums, and albums are mixtapes,” the Portland rapper joked during the teaser trailer. “Niggas call they albums mixtapes. Cuz if it flops, it’s a EP.”Three years later, Amine has returned with another ambiguous EPLPMixtapeAlbum, and this time around, the project’s title is TWOPOINTFIVE. ONEPOINTFIVETWOPOINTFIVE finds the 2017 XXL Freshman trying new flows and experimenting with new styles, yet unlike the original, Amine takes care of business without any guest features. The result is an encapsulating sonic effort that knows no bounds, and once again the hitmaker behind songs like “Caroline,” “Riri,” “REEL IT IN,” and “Compensating” has exemplified his ability to craft the joyously peculiar and undoubtedly infectious records.”The POINTFIVE projects are the breaks in between albums where I give myself the freedom to make music without expectations, focusing instead of spontaneity and the best of what comes from stream of conscious creation, which is why they arrive unexpectedly without a long rollout,” Amine says when explaining the premise of TWOPOINTFIVE. “It’s an opportunity to create for my day one fans the way I used to in my bedroom. Thanks for listening.”

Check out Amine’s experimental follow-up to 2020’s Limbo below, and let us know in the comments if you’re feeling the Portland artist’s new style on TWOPOINTFIVE.


1. YiPiYaY
2. Colors
3. NEO
5. Dididumduhduh
6. Twisted!
7. Charmander
8. Mad Funny Freestyle
9. Van Gogh
10. Between The Lines
11. Sh!t2Luz
12. meant2b


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