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ALBUMS REVIEWS: JoJo – “Trying Not To Think About It”

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MUSICAL THERAPY! After 4 albums, mixtapes and even a Christmas album, JoJo came back to pour her heart out with a new EP. Her previous last year album ‘Good to Know’ was so beautifully written and showcased the grown-up version of now independent JoJo. With this EP, JoJo tells her dealing with depression and she doing it was honesty and so many layers. From how it affects on different days, how it sabotages her relationships with other and herself, it’s an up & down journey that ends with hope.

World of Sunshine *intro* – JoJo really said INTRO. As she opens the chapter of her depression, she depicts an ironic sense of optimism. A waking up song, where you’re trying to think that today’s gonna be different, but if you’ve ever felt really depressed, it’s not that easy. The song is layered with angelic vocals throughout and a lot of irony, loved it – “Welcome to my world of sunshine, rainbows and butterflies”.

Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme)JoJo decides to call her inner saboteur ‘Burlinda’ and this is their break-up song. Similar to the intro, the song shined with the ad-libs and background vocals [including a whistle tone]. I do wish that the production was more instrumented, it’s too chill but JoJo’s vocals are amazing, and the topic is honest – “All you do is suffocate me, can’t breathe”.

Dissolve – JoJo is swamped with insecurities inside a relationship. She’s not sure if the love is real, if her anxiety affects things and she feel like everything is falling. The production is very tuned down and making the song a bit dull for me. Her vocals shined once again but it didn’t make the song memorable enough – “Tryin’ not to think about, how you don’t think about me at all”.

Good Enough *interlude* – JoJo debating again how she’s dealing with her insecurities. Sometimes she feels she’s good enough but a lot of times, she’s beating herself down. I love the double vocal singing in this one and the battle the vocal arrangement creates. With a euphoric production that includes piano and slick beats, I loved this one – “Mercury’s always in retrograde and everyone’s movin’ on, but I’m on the same page”.

B.I.D. – taking the other side of being depressed, JoJo is trying to be the savior. Trying to be the shoulder for the listener, she’s trying to be supportive and let you know you’re never alone, no matter how bad it feels. With chill R&B beats, angelic vocals at her best, this one touches the heart – “You should never feel like you’re less than who you are”.

Feel Alright – once again being so authentic with her emotions, JoJo gets into a relationship even though it’s not the right one for her, but she just wanna feel something, escape from her depression, and feel ok. The vocals are amazing, and I loved the pre-chorus with the Trap-Pop production – “So is it all in my head? It’s not makin’ sense, what is the truth?”.

Fresh New Sheets – afraid to jump to a new relationship after a breakup, JoJo wants the new one but don’t want him to see her heart-broken version. While the harmonization throughout the song were beautiful the song didn’t have any peak and felt hallow towards the end even though the outro was unique – “I know there’s a better version”.

Sugar and Carbs *interlude* – a very short intro about another way of dealing with depression, emotional eating, I wish it was longer with more substance – “If I find that I’m too in my head I just eat some cookies in bed”.

Spiral SZN – JoJo can’t catch a break and she had it, OFFICIALY. Singing about how multiple things don’t work for you and you’re losing it, she let the anger flow. One of the catchiest song on the EP with a Trappy production and as always beautiful vocals, it’s a BOP – “I keep on startin’ fights with myself, all downhill”.
Nikki’s Sound Bath *interlude* – almost like a meditation frequency, this short interlude is heaven to the ears with JoJo chanting in the middle that everything is gonna be alright post spiral season – “It’ll be alright”.

Worst (I Assume) – when starting a new relationship it’s hard to let your guards down when everything is going too well. With past scars, JoJo is imaging the worst and having it hard to believe that someone would love her truly and unconditionally. While the breezy production and honest lyrics something didn’t fully explode for me, maybe a grower – “My past and my scars, still make it hard I assume”.

Lift – what a beautiful ending to JoJo’s depression journey. After covering how depression can affect you on the daily, on relationships, how sometimes is makes you angry, sad, misunderstood, with the closer, JoJo sings about the point of asking for help. It can be by a professional help or someone close to you, but it’s so important to dive into the pain but find that ray of light. Her vocals were so nurturing, and I loved the background vocals, it was the perfect way to end – “So if you’re feelin’ low, don’t be hard on yourself”.
Standout tracks: World of Sunshine *intro*, Good Enough *interlude*, B.I.D., Feel Alright, Spiral SZN, Lift

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