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BIA BIA! With an approval from the queen of rap herself, Nicki Minaj, new upcoming rap-star BIA has released her 2nd EP in a deluxe version that you must check. Breaking with ‘WHOLE LOTTA MONEY’, BIA breaks to the scene with everything we need – a catchy tag phrase, heavy bass productions, chill flow that sit on the beat, direct bars, confidence, style, and energy. She brings something new in the ever evolving female rap game in recent years and it’s a refreshing project that will leave a mark for her future.

BIA BIA (Ft. Lil Jon) – this is how you open a rap album! With a Trap banging production and Lil Jon’s signature screaming cadence along Bia’s catchy tag thrown to catch your ears. Bia is claiming her spot not letting anyone understate her, a bop – “F**k that bitch (BIA, BIA, BIA)”.

SKATE – with a chill Trap production with heavy bass and catchy bars, BIA has arrived. With this one BIA makes it clear she’s the only reason for her success. We get a perfect combination of slick beats to vibe to along clever lyrics, the female rap game is just getting stronger – “I need my backend and my frontend, all deposits ‘fore we link”.

WHOLE LOTTA MONEYBIA’s breakout single has every female rapper dream: bass, beat, catchy hook, bars, and edginess. With this song, Bia sings about the rappers’ favorite subject – money. Giving us an introduction to her flow, she’s reckless while skating on the beat, a perfect song – “I put on my jewelry just to go to the bodega”.

SAME HANDS (Ft. Lil Durk) – giving us some details about her love life, BIA is being cheated but yet confessing about her imperfections as well. While the Hip-Hop Trappy production is a vibe I love Bia’s vocal and flow, she gets the message while being a savage with her delivery. I wasn’t feeling Lil Durk’s flow so much, but Bia has enough spot on this one to make it a good song – “I don’t trust this nigga that I lay with, too stuck in my ways, I think I’m jaded”.

AUTOMATIC (Ft. 42 Dugg & Doe Boy) – Yes! Give me BASS! Bia has demands for her man and her voice sits so good on the heavy beat. The features match her cadence and I like how see spits slow and let the bass follow her – “I like when he spendin’ all this cash on me”.

PLATE – getting more sensual with a spice of latinx flavor, Bia is giving versatility. The beat stays cohesive but still fresh with a heavy bass. I loved the ad-libs, and her flow is keep on giving – “It’s a mystery, they say, “Who caught a body?”.

COVER GIRLBia makes all the men want her and the girls jealous, giving a cocky track on the heavy bass, pure Trap heaven. While using similar formula, she still feels fresh, with sharp flow and savage energy – “And my body on point, they be like, “Who’s your surgeon?””.

FREE BIA (1ST DAY OUT) – before moving to Epic Records, Bia had troubles with RCA and the label wouldn’t let her release music. With a true RAP track, BIA spits hard about how they’re trying to stop her, but she let them know, I love her delivery and the beat was dark – “All of these demons and no one to trust”.

WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix) (Ft. Nicki Minaj) – the remix to BIA’s hit single really put her on the female rap game. With an approval of the queen of RAP, Nicki Minaj, we get a verse and a perfect back & forth bars switching. The remix really elevated the song to a new level, Nicki’s flow is untouchable and the balance between the two felt so organic – “Ayo, BIA, I just bent the block, all these bitches wanna be ya”.

BESITO (Ft. G Herbo) – giving us another bragging latinx banger, BIA is giving Spanglish princess. I really don’t get Herbo, who felt completely off beat, but BIA was a vibe – “I make international plays, Papi, tú lo sabe’ que lo vengo al cheque”.

CAN’T TOUCH THIS – something we haven’t got from BIA so far was a good sample. With the iconic ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis, Bia knows her worth and spits with so much confident, a vibe – “Got no time to waste ’cause it’s pricey”.

BIG DEAL (Ft. Sevyn Streeter) – with a guitar on the heavy beat and soft vocals by Sevyn on the hook, Bia is switching things up. Spitting about what it takes to be with her, she’s raw and sits perfect on the beat – “He just want a rich bitch, Kim Kardashian”.

FREAK IN THE NIGHT – with a Trap production, Bia raps about her freaky side yet stay classy. I love the back and forth with her ad-libs and how confidence her cadence feels, you really get drowned with her flow – “Never met a man that overlooked me”.

MOTIONLESS – the closing track shows us yet again another side of Bia. Showing some vulnerability, Bia caught up in her feelings and with a vocal chorus that makes the track more R&B, it’s a perfect ending to her project – “Since I’m the only consolin’ me”.

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