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A$AP Rocky Became That Pretty Mothaf*cka On “Wassup”

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Time flew by in the past decade. This year, the artists that were once considered the ones ushering in a new generation of hip-hop celebrated 10-years since their debut. Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 turned 10-years-old this past summer and tomorrow (Oct. 31st), marks a decade since A$AP Rocky rippled through the underground with the release of Live.Love.A$AP. Merging together Harlem’s flamboyance and everything trill into an ethereal, atmospheric sound.Credit is due to both Clams Casino and A$AP Ty Beats whose production helped shape Rocky’s sound on the project. “Wassup,” specifically, remains a stand-out from the project. Clams’ downtempo ambient production allowed Rocky to showcase his vocal chops on the hook as he embraced his hipster-chic and the love he gets in Harlem.Check out the highlight off of Live.Love.A$AP below and sound off in the comments with your favorite track off of the project. Check out our interview with Clams Casino here.Quotable Lyrics
Shout out my parolees, and I smoke that OG
Kush mothafuck the police, all my n***as rock gold teeth
So hood and we so street, sipping on that codeine
We hustle hard no sleep, your bitch loose that’s no leash

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