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A. CHAL Shares New Project “FAR FROM GAZ”

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For nearly a decade now, A.CHAL has been carving out his own lane. There’s really no way to describe his music but his fusion of elements of hip-hop, R&B, Latin trap, and more has formed his own unique sound that ultimately has the power to transcend genres.It’s been roughly three years since he dropped a new project but on Friday, he blessed fans with his latest body of work, FAR FROM GAZ. The new project arrives after a string of singles like “Zorro” and “Dirty Dancin,” both of which appear on the tracklist. FAR FROM GAZ is 10 songs in total, with moody production fusing together trap and R&B. With no features on the project, A.CHAL offers fans a full body of work focusing on his songwriting and infectious melodies.

Check out the latest from A.CHAL below.

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