6lack Sung Of Liberation On “Free” Video

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For many Hip-Hop fans, Free 6lack, which was released five years ago today, was their first time hearing LVRN artist 6lack’s signature melancholic brand of R&B. Today, the artist behind the equally revered album East Atlanta Love Letteris a star in his own right, but prior to the release of his debut studio album on November 18, 2016, 6lack was struggling to overcome record label and identity issues, hence the project’s title Free 6lack.

While the album boasted huge cuts like the Future-sampling “Ex Calling” and the undeniable hit record “Prblms,” the track that best represents the backstory behind Free 6lack is “Free.” Throughout the four-and-a-half-minute song, 6lack relishes in finally regaining his freedom while lamenting on a toxic relationship that is hell-bent on making him feel trapped.

According to Genius6lack has admitted that “Free” is his favorite song from his debut. “It was the last song I made, at the end of my trip to L.A. ‘Free’ was literally everything I felt,” he explained. “I talked about every feeling I had felt in regards to my relationships, to who I was, to all the labels—everything. I wanted to get it out in that song. By the time I was done with it, the title of the track was obvious.”

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of Free 6lack, the LVRN artist is hosting a concert in Atlanta next Friday, and similar to the low-cost ticketing approach of J. Cole’s fabled A Dollar And A Dream Tours, the 6lack Friday show will be selling tickets for just $6.

Check out the hauntingly captivating music video for “Free” below and let us know in the comments which song from Free 6lack was your favorite.

Quotable Lyrics

I’ve been waiting for the day
You know it was coming either way
I know that you hate it
But I’m freer than I’ve ever been
Something that you’ve never been


Marathon Continues

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