42 Dugg Drops “Soon” From Prison

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42 Dugg joins forces with Arabian on “Soon.”


42 Dugg was imprisoned earlier this month, but that hasn’t stopped the rapper from dropping new music. Even after prosecutors claimed Dugg was a flight risk, he appeared not to be letting his legal predicaments get him down, as he was seen smiling in a recent photo from jail.”Soon” is Dugg’s first song to be released since his incarceration, and the somber song seems to be in some ways a reflection on his current circumstances. The single’s cover art reads, “Dear friends + family, I’ll be back soon.” On the song, 42 croons over an introspective piano loop. At first, he focuses on romantic woes, rapping about a woman who won’t stay faithful. But the chorus is more open ended, equally applicable to his imprisonment as it is to his love troubles, as he sings, “Soon I’ll be back to myself.” His second verse turns even darker, as he describes himself as “down bad and stressed.””Soon” comes a month after Dugg collabed with EST Gee for the joint project, Last Ones Left. Recently, his label CMG was the subject of a Billboard profile, in which Yo Gotti gave an extended interview, detailing his rise and what he learned from 50 Cent.

Check out the song below, and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Soon I’ll be back to myself
Soon I won’t need nobody else
Who gon’ be there for me when I need em
Help me live, fulfill my dreams


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