Welcome ZXUS, The Vibrant Sound of Afrobeats Street Pop Gains a Worthy Convert

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We’ve seen it before. A storyteller, dexterous in wordplay, a seamless surfer of sound, young, fearless and ambitious. Zxus (Zeus), born John Davidson Omon,  has all it takes to be another street pop success story. Faithful to his lived experience, and talented enough to paint it vividly in songs and rhythm, the 23 year old steps out with Hush- a winning debut, rich in all the sonic flavor that has come to define Nigeria’s resurgent street pop culture.


Multidimensional in his approach, Hush centers the prevalent drive of the youth to seek wealth without work. Using pun, a flat cadence, and a mid-tempo beat, Zxus delivers a heavy message in a light tone, Hush is a thrilling satire that preaches the importance of hard-earned success. 


Produced by the duo of Northboi and Docside, Zxus’ debut is cleverly crafted and well-positioned for potential virality. Its hook is a rendition of the popular street slang ‘Show your working…’, and the verses are riddled with enough lamba to inspire even the most mundane creative. ‘I want the song to be open to varying interpretations’ Zxus comments, ‘I want people to see my sound in a way that relates to them uniquely’. 


With a confident voice, relatable themes, and suave delivery, Zxus announces himself with Hush. The single is an exciting debut and pacer for an artist that promises to add nuance to the vibrant soundscape of Afrobeats street pop. 


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