Uty Pius premieres the music video for Her new song, “For My Good.”

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Uty Pius For My Good Music Streaming and Sharing

Uty Pius, a veteran gospel music minister, starts the year with a declaration  in a song “For My Good.” Her brand-new scintillating single is this work of artistic and vocal harmony.
Her testimony and the inspiration behind the song “For My Good” are meant to inspire everyone to have faith in God and know that ” Everything that was delayed or stolen will be back a hundredfold. All is working for our good. The psalmist encourages everyone to declare with Joy , everything is working For My Good.


Nothing is too difficult for you to do
Great I am that I am
‘Ve seen the evidence of your goodness to me
Nothing is too difficult for you  to do
I shine in your glory
Oh, sovereign oneLifter 3x

of my head

Everything is working for my good
R Is working for my good
Not my power not my might
R: All I see is your Grace

Everything is working for your good
All: is working for your good
Not your power not your might
All: All I see is your grace

V: I am  a product of your goodness

Blessed and highly favoured
Jireh my provider
All: All sufficient one
V: Every sickness bow before you
All: Great great healer
Nothing nothing is too difficulty
Nothing nothing is too difficult for you to do

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