Usher Returns with New Single ‘GLU’: Listen

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Ahead of the second run of his Las Vegas residency, Usher dropped a teaser of his new song ‘GLU’ last month along with a teaser that starred Lori Harvey.

It reminded us of Usher’s classic R&B jams from back in the day that had the world in a spin. The full song is here today and the steamy tune certainly doesn’t disappoint. “I just love that glue, ooh / Slides down you whenever we start touchin’ / It gets all on you, all on me, now I’m stuck in / ‘Cause when that glue done got you, ooh-ooh,” he belts on the chorus.

Listen to the track below which marks the first release under Larry Jackson’s newly found company gamma. Rick Ross will be other major artist to release something soon through the platform which had acquired the distribution company Vydia.

Glu’ is produced by The Avila Brothers, Sean Garrett and Lil Jon.


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