Tyga Just Wants To Bust A Move On An Op In “Ay Caramba” Video

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Tyga comes for the summer with his latest single, “Ay Caramba.”


Ever since the release of “Taste,” Tyga has asserted himself as a dominant force every single summer. The California rapper has managed to keep the clubs and the streets hot with his loose release over the years but it’s the records that arrive in time for the summer months that have kept him in continuous rotation. This week, the rapper returned with his latest single, “Ay Caramba.” Tackling Latin-inspired production, the smooth banger is an undeniable hit that will have the clubs on lock. The song also contains an interpolation of a line from Gym Class Heroes’ hit record, “Cupid’s Chokehold” ft. Patrick Stump. It’s an interesting callback to the early parts of Tyga’s career when he convinced the world that he was related to Travis McCoy.

The latest release from Tyga arrives with a hilarious music video that depicts the former Young Money rapper posing as a old car salesman with an array of models surrounding him.

Check out the latest from Tyga below.

Quotable Lyrics
We been outside runnin’ shit for ten summers
Hard to be humble, bag never fumble
Easy with the money, n***a, you a newcomer
I can make it rain, n***as want thunder


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  1. This is a “hilarious” video? It’s a disgusting, racist caricature of Mexican culture. If a Mexican artist made a song and filmed a video that was a caricature of Black culture, they’d be cancelled immediately. This video and this song can go to hell.

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