THEY. & Fana Hues Bring Late Night Vibes On “Comfortable”

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THEY. and Fana Hues come through with their new collab, “Comfortable.”


THEY. is back with some late vibes alongside Fana Hues for their new single, “Comfortable.” The sultry new record explores the undeniable chemistry surrounding the R&B duo and dreamy singer with a touch of nostalgia. The record provides those late-night vibes that are only appropriate for the summer as Hues provides the perfect response to Drew Love shooting his shot at love interest.

“From day one we’ve worked to find new ways to push our sound. ‘Comfortable’ brings out that undeniable smooth R&B energy we’ve always loved but is sonically a different vibe for us. Inspired by the essence of vintage 80’s sports cars and that era of sophistication, we wanted to make something that you could envision yourself listening to in an Alfa Romeo or a 300zx that still had that r&b feel to it. Additionally, Fana is an artist that we have been fans of for a long time and she added the sparkle the song needed to take it over the top,” THEY. said of the record.

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as got you stressin’
I could change that all for you, tell me, am I oversteppin’?
Seem like the type of girl who really like the chase, let me be aggressive


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