The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM” Intro Gets Spacey New Remix From Oneohtrix Point Never

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The Weeknd and Oneohtrix Point Never always deliver some heat.


Earlier this year, The Weeknd provided us with a surprise album called Dawn FM. It immediately became his most polarizing project due to the fact that it was filled with dance club bangers that fit well within 80s aesthetics. People are always expecting Trilogy Abel to return, but it is clear that The Weeknd would rather evolve and provide fans with a plethora of new sounds.Today, The Weeknd decided to come through with a brand new remix to the album’s intro, appropriately called Dawn FM. This is a track that simply features The Weeknd delivering heavenly vocals around some unique and spacey production. This latest remix is done by longtime Weeknd collaborator Oneohtrix Point Never, who added their own unique spin to the track. Now, the song is even spacier than before as the lyrics are repeated all while new instrumental elements are added to the track.

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