Teen Arrested in Murder of PnB Rock; Alleged Shooter’s Father Wanted by Cops

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A 17 year old has been arrested in connection with the murder of PnB Rock.

The LAPD first announced Wednesday morning that Freddie Lee Trone is the guy detectives have fingered as “a person involved” in the Sept. 12 shooting of the rapper as he visited a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. The first person arrested was detained near Gardena Tuesday morning, law enforcement sources told NBC LA.

TMZ is now reporting that the person arrested is 17-year-old son of Freddie Trone. According to the publication’s sources, the son was the shooter and his father Freddie is the person who handled the getaway car. The said car was allegedly burned after the incident. Police is still looking for Freddie Trone who was a longtime member of a South Los Angeles street gang.

TMZ also notes that according to sources, Freddie and his son were already in the parking lot of the restaurant when PnB Rock and his girlfriend arrived there. That seems to also remove the possibility and earlier reports that his GF sharing their location on Instagram was the reason the killers landed at the location, which was reportedly about 20 minutes apart.

Stay tuned for more details.

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