Smiley Drops Off “Rush Hour Freestyle” Video

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The OVO artist shares his new freestyle.


Toronto’s Smiley wasn’t necessarily met with open arms when he first emerged into the game, even with a massive co-sign from Drake. Still, each of his releases has shown drastic improvement from the last, and his latest record, “Rush Hour Freestyle” is no different. The rapper comes through with straight lifestyle bars over Bavaro Beatz’s chilling production. Smiley raps with a matter-of-fact delivery, nonchalantly listing off the lavish life he leads.

“It’s a whole vibe!” he said of the song in a statement. “I was in Miami feeling great and going through beats when I came upon Bavaro’s beat pack, and right away I started to punch in… I knew it would be the next single from everyone’s reaction.”

Check out the latest from OVO’s Smiley below.

Quotable Lyrics
This clout like a bitch don’t lose it, she a bad lil’ ho, she choosin’
Choosey, she wanna play me Snoopy
This rap shit got me keezy, I feel like Wayne in “3Peat”
I sign the deal and repeat, I sign the deal and recoup


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