Slump6s Drops Off “Genesis”

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The Rochester rapper is back with his first full-length project since “Origin.”


Slump6s has been staying busy. In 2021, he released his debut album Origin. Then, just last month, he dropped B4GEN, a 5-song EP. Now he’s already back with another project, this time an album with a whopping 21 songs.Genesis sees Slump6s continuing to do what he’s good at. The rapper delivers melodic bars in the vein of Playboi Carti over a variety of synth-heavy beats designed to blow out your speakers. For the most part, Slump6s carries the album all on his own, joined only by Destroy Lonely on the song “Red” and sgpwes on “Liv & Maddie.”

It’s no wonder why Slump6s finds himself overflowing with melodies. Growing up, he obsessively watched videos of Michael Jackson and jump into his dad’s music studio beginning at the age of 6. In school, he played orchestral instruments in band, while consuming the music of XXXTentacion and Lil Uzi Vert voraciously. This widely varying music background can be seen all over his own projects.

Check out the album below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.


1. First M

2. Graduation

3. Star

4. Luv, Hate

5. Proud

6. Top

7. 3Piece

8. No ID

9. Talk About It

10. Red (feat. Destroy Lonely)

11. One

12. No Sleep

13. 10 Toes

14. Hell

15. Rust

16. Twentyball

17. Messenger

18. Liv & Maddie (feat. sgpwes)

19. Chance

20. Nine

21. Long Way From Home


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