Simi Wows Fans In The Usa With Back-to-back Sold-out Shows!

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Simi has been stealing the show in the USA on her To Be Honest North American Tour 2022 and she is just getting started. A vibe like no other, the acclaimed Soft Queen is showing America what they’ve been missing. After years of remaining relatively low key, Simi has entered the international market with thrill and gusto.

Audiences all over the country are amazed by the originality of the Afro R&B crooner. Simi does not disappoint with spirited and energetic displays of her musical genius and her deep love of her fans. With 9 tour dates planned across the USA & Canada, fans in DC, Chicago and NYC have already been blown away by Simi’s amazing set of greatest hits & as she left the crowd wanting more.

With shows in Atlanta, Dallas, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seattle & Los Angeles still in the pipeline. Fans can look forward to a once in a lifetime musical experience with the Soft Queen!

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