Saweetie Ends Hiatus with New Single ‘Don’t Say Nothin’; Shares New EP ‘The Single Life’

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UPDATE: Saweetie’s new EP The Single Life is also now available in full.

Saweetie has returned from her break with a new single called ‘Don’t Say Nothin’.

The rapper hasn’t released much music at all this year so fans will be happy to see her back. “That’s what I get for kissin’ on these frogs. He got mad and told my business to the blogs” are the kind of lyrics you can find on this Bay Area-sounding track which is produced by 1500 Or Nothin.

The song had its premiere this morning on Apple Music’s New Music Daily programme. It will live on her forthcoming project The Single Life, coming very very soon. Listen to it below.

“It was, honestly… the vibe felt very urgent. It felt very intense but in a good way. And it was fun because I was just like, I was venting about all my experiences when I thought that I was dealing with a man that I can trust, and then it turns out he had a big mouth. So it was a lot of storytelling and I just put all my experiences into one song. I feel like that sound is the reason why I’m here, and I never want to turn my back on what made me great. So it’s like I had to go back to my Bay roots and, honestly, I was just talking my s**t, and being honest about what’s happened to me,” she told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.


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