Russ Shares “Paddington Freestyle” Video

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Russ delivers his latest release, “Paddington Freestyle.”


Russ is on yet another impressive run in 2022. The rapper’s remained highly active since dropping off Chomp 2 in late 20221. Throughout the year, he’s delivered a slew of new records that have fans anticipating his next body of work.

This morning, Russ unveiled his latest single, “Paddington Freestyle.” On the new record, Russ takes on a gentle, picked-up soul sample with equal parts braggadocio and introspection. The rapper also shared a video for the song which finds him cruising around in a Bentley while rapping to the camera.

The latest from Russ comes after he dropped off singles like “Yes Sir,” “If Not Now, When?” and “HANDSOMER” ft. Ktlyn.

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates surrounding new releases from Russ. Check his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Y’all let them down the wrong path, I’m givin’ people real light
My body might be Muggsy, but my spirit is Shaquille height
Do it like I’m Phil Knight, I’m business oriented
I’m thirty-million past the part that said my story ended


Marathon Continues

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