Romeo Don’t Die Channels “DMX” Energy On His Latest Single

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Canada’s Romeo Don’t Die pays tribute to DMX on his new single.


It’s been over a year since DMX’s passing and Canadian rapper Romeo Don’t Die has paid homage to the Yonkers legend on his latest single. Romeo served up his fiery new single, “DMX” over the weekend where he blazes Dice Playy’s string-laden production with his technical proficiencies. The rapper pairs his wit and arrogance with vigorous flows and sharp punchlines referencing Justin Trudeau and Robert Mugabe. “DMX” is an undeniable banger that’s bound to have this summer on lock.”The song is about enemies building resentment, referencing how my ops feel like the late rapper’s Y2K film appearance in Romeo Must Die,” says Romeo of his latest effort. “DMX is a prominent influence in my life. His music reinforces my hunger and heart, keeping me on track to where I’m trying to go.”

Check out “DMX” below.

Quotable Lyrics
I turn it up like a decibal
Ain’t no way my set could lose
My Prime Minister memorable
We eatin’ off Canada Revenue



Marathon Continues

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