Roddy Ricch Recruits Lil Durk on New Song ‘Twin’: Listen

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Roddy Ricch has released a new song from his upcoming album Feed the Streets 3 which will be available Nov. 18th.

This time, he joins forces with Lil Durk on ‘Twin’ and it already sounds like a standout. Durk is the only guest appearance on the project apart from Ty Dolla Sign

Roddy called into Zane Lowe show to speak on the album, saying:

“Yeah, I feel like just having fun was the main thing we wanted to do with this album. At this point, we’re not worried about… I feel like just, I didn’t want to worry about too much outside things, you know what I’m saying? Just period. I didn’t want to worry about anything outside of the studio. I wanted to worry about the music the most and give my fans the best experience. And even just meeting your fans where they are or… Not meeting them where they are, but just making music and putting it in a space to where it is fun, they can enjoy it…And that’s what it’s about, you know what I’m saying? It’s just about staying free and staying inspired just by everything, you know what I’m saying? Everything around us, how we live. Even if things come to be weighed heavy on, you know what I’m saying? Yeah, you’ve just got to stay through and just kick it. You know what I’m saying?”


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