R&B Singer Amaal Shows Off Her Mesmerizing Voice On New EP, “Milly”

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Somali-Canadian star Amaal has returned with her sophomore EP, titled Milly. A press release sent to HNHH reveals that with this new project, the R&B artist hopes to “[celebrate] her own sexual liberation in her truest form,” also adding that “Milly is Amaal replacing the fear of judgment and shame from her strict upbringing with unabashed female autonomy and messages of sexual empowerment.”The project’s name comes from a former nickname that the “Honey” singer used when she wanted to remain anonymous while exploring the outside world of her tightly knit community. On her freshman EP, Black Dove, Amaal embarked on a journey of self-acceptance, and her growth from there has been exponential.

Milly is the first time I experienced creating without censoring myself,” she shared. “I wanted to push those boundaries I always felt suffocated by. It’s the first time I’m truly just having fun, celebrating my growth, femininity and sensuality.”

For Amaal, this new project was comparable to therapy, and she hopes that the 7 tracks are able to liberate and empower her listeners in the same way it did for her.

Just last month, she shared the single “Heaven,” which quickly became beloved by fans. Milly as a whole has a very similar vibe, so the next time you’re in the mood for some sensual R&B, you know that Amaal is your girl.

Check out the singer’s sophomore EP below.


1. Heaven

2. Honey

3. Renegade

4. Selfish

5. Too Good

6. Special

7. Petty Love


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