Ravyn Lenae Returns With “Hypnos” Ft. Steve Lacy, Kaytranada, Smino

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Ravyn Lenae comes back from a lengthy hiatus with RnB grooves on “Hypnos.”


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a batch of songs from alt-RnB singer Ravyn Lenae. The artist released the 5-song EP Crush back in 2018, and released a video for one of the singles on the album, “The Night Song.” Since then she has remained relatively quiet, save for a few one-offs, including “Rewind,” which was featured on the TV show Insecure. She originally broke onto the scene with her Moon Shoes EP in 2016, which was followed by her joining SZA on her CTRL tour.Hypnos is filled with laid-back jams, featuring Lenae’s signature sultry, intimate vocals. The singer often sings of various stages of love, from fleeting moments which never seem to last long enough on “Skin Tight” with Steve Lacy, to the euphoric highs reached in the heat of passion on the Kaytranada-produced “Xtasy.” The instrumentals compliment Lenae’s subject matter and delivery, groovy but never over-powering.

Other guests on the alt-RnB album are Mereba, Smino, and Fousheé. Smino is a particular stand-out on the song “3D.” His verse is melodic, upbeat, and fits perfectly with the lilting synths backing the single.

Check out the LP below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


1. Cameo

2. Venom

3. Inside Out

4. M.I.A.

5. Skin Tight (feat. Steve Lacy)

6. Where I’m From (feat. Mereba)

7. Deep In The World

8. Higher

9. 3D (feat. Smino)

10. Satellites

11. Lullabye

12. Light Me Up

13. Like You Do

14. Xtasy

15. Mercury (feat. Fousheé)

16. Wish


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