Paloma Ford Floats Through R&B Single “Bentley Truck”

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The sensual, pink-heavy visual matches the laid-back vibe of Ford’s latest single.


It is edging close to two years since R&B maven Paloma Ford shared her X Tapes EP and she has recently returned with new music. The California-born, Ohio-bred songbird shared a collection of tracks that she said conveyed a certain mood when she delivered her last project, and it is rumored that this Fall, Ford will return with a full-length album to show how much she has grown since that time.

Her latest single, “Bentley Truck,” is slated for inclusion on the forthcoming LP. On the track, you will find Ford creating a sensual tone that pairs well with his pink-laden visual. It has a late-night vibe that listeners can both cruise and smoke to, and her fans are anticipating how “Bentley Truck” will complement the remainder of her upcoming album.

Stream “Bentley Truck” by Paloma Ford and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Drip and finеsse
She go to the clubs, they be writin’ my checks, bet
Ain’t nothin’ to fuck up a check
I wear she makes in a year on my neck, flawless VVS


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