Nardo Wick Unloads On New Single “Krazy Krazy”

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Nardo Wick returns with his latest single.


Nardo Wick closed out 2021 on a high note. The release of his debut project, Who Is Nardo Wick? earned him critical acclaim as a rapper who has the potential to lead the next wave of street rap. For the most part, he’s continued promoting the project with new visuals over the past few months. However, it seems like he could be preparing to deliver even more new music this summerOn Friday, the rapper returned with his first official single of 2022, “Krazy Krazy.” Wick taps Tay Keith for the blistering production while his conversational flow and witty bars boast of his big dawg status.

Check out the latest from Nardo Wick below.

Quotable Lyrics
My n***a avalanche, my wrist a avalanche, my mouth a avalanche
My bitch ain’t average, my gang ain’t average, my car not average
I be on wicked shit, my gang on wicked shit, my bitch on wicked shit
I be on silly shit, hop out this silly quick, I’m tryna split a wig



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