Mount Westmore Release Debut Album ‘Snoop Cube 40 Short’ — Stream

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The formation of Mount Westmore caught a lot of people’s eyes. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $hort in one group is a massive deal and it got people paying attention off the rip.

The group actually released their debut album a while back on blockchain based platform Gala Music but of course, that meant that most people weren’t able to hear it. Tonight though, the four have come back together to release a new version of the album for the masses.

Following the ‘Free Game‘ song & video last week, the west coast veterans unveiled another new song last week called ‘Activated’ which has a nostalgic Cali funk vibe, along with its music video.

The album is sixteen tracks long and you can stream it below.

Snoop Cube 40 $Hort Tracklist:

1. California
2. Motto
3. Big Subwoofer
4. Too Big (Feat. P-Lo)
5. Activated
6. Have a Nice Day
7. Ghetto Gutter
8. Free Game
9. I Got Pull
10. Up & Down
11. Do My Best
12. Lace You Up
13. Tribal
14. How Many
15. On Camera
16. Mash


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