Money Man Drops Off “Whale Games” EP

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Money Man is back with “Whale Games” EP.

Money Man is known for a couple of things in particular: his consistency in quality and drops, and his love for crypto. The rapper returns today with another crypto-titled project, following 2021’s Blockchain album, with Whale Games. The title is a reference to the term “whale,” simply referring to someone who holds a large amount of crypto in their wallet. Thus, in true hip-hop fashion, Money Man is essentially just affirming his wealth as he flows easily through production from keezy 808 and a few others.

The beats are all trap-driven, but eccentric, each one with its own flair while still connecting to one another, as pretty much all Money Man tracklists do. “Misbehave” is littered with distorted organ keys and squashed horns, while “Presale” has a laidback, jazzy tone to it, and “Air Holes” ends the project on more of a modern note thanks to the warping, flute-riddled beat.

Check out the tracklist below and let us know if you’re a fan of the new EP.

Whale Games EP

1. Plenty

2. Misbehave

3. Presale

4. Influential

5. Air Holes


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