Michael Aristotle’s New EP Is “Out For Delivery”

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Michael Aristotle’s prequel to his forthcoming album “DEKALB” boasts guest features from Erica Banks, Will Hill, and BLVCK.


Roughly nine months after East Chain was featured in HNHH‘s “New Artists You Should Hear” editorial series, Michael Aristotle — one of the Atlanta-based collective’s founding members — is back with a fresh new EP, titled Out For Delivery.The three-track project arrives ahead of Michael Aristotle’s highly anticipated second studio album, DEKALB, and the production on the EP is solely handled by East Chain’s Wili Hendrixs. Out For Delivery also features guest verses from Erica Banks, Will Hill, and BLVCK, and with a brief, sub-nine-minute runtime, it makes for a great listen for those who are just getting familiar with the steadily rising artist.

With each song on the EP, Michael Aristotle supplies listeners with three distinct vibes. “MULTIPLY” sets the tone with a high-energy, concert-ready anthem, and on “PLAY YO’ PART,” the Atlanta-based rapper reunites with Erica Banks for a hard, bass-rattling track. Out For Delivery closes out with “SILK ROBE,” and both Michael Aristotle and Will Hill bring deliver impressive verses over the smooth four-minute track.


“In January, I finished a rough draft of the album, and we began mixing some of the songs in February. My mom, who all my supporters know as ‘Toni,’ was really sick for most of March, and I wasn’t in the mood to work on any music for the time being. My mother passed two days before my birthday at the end of March, and after handling the funeral and witnessing how it affected my family, I just wasn’t in the best place mentally,” Michael Aristotle says, describing how Out For Delivery came to fruition.

“In April, a day after I came back to Atlanta from the funeral, Wili was playing around with sounds on his laptop, and I started feeling like I needed to do something to get all this stress off me and get back into my craft,” he continues. “We ended up making ‘MULTIPLY’ that night. I was inspired and I just wanted to honor my mom by doing what she loved seeing me do, which was my music. Shortly after, we made ‘SILK ROBE’ with Will Hill & BLVCK. ‘PLAY YO PART’ with Erica Banks had been sitting on the hard drive for like 2 months, so I just said ‘F*ck it — I want to drop some new music.'”

Give Out For Delivery a listen below and let us know in the comments if you’re feeling Michael Aristotle’s new EP.


2. PLAY YO’ PART ft. Erica Banks
3. SILK ROBE ft. Will Hill & BLVCK



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