Maxo Kream Taps Benny The Butcher For “Football Heads”

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Maxo Kream shares the release date of “Weight Of The World (Deluxe)” with his new single, “Football Heads” ft. Benny The Butcher.


It’s been nine months since Maxo Kream shared his last album, Weight Of The World to critical acclaim. And while he’s been riding the momentum, he’s not slowing down by any means. In the past few months, he’s been ramping up the efforts to unveil the official deluxe edition of the project. “Jigga Dame” has been on steady rotation since its May release, and now, he’s blessed fans with his new single, “Football Heads” ft. Benny The Butcher. The eerie production meets Maxo Kream’s descriptive lifestyle bars before Benny The Butcher comes through with another stand-out verse.

With the release of “Football Heads,” Maxo Kream confirmed that the deluxe edition of Weight Of The World will be arriving on July 27th. Check his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m from the real n***a era where money don’t certify you
She thinkin’ Del Frisco’s, but she get a Birkin out you
I fuck with niggas like Max’, you fuck with n***as who rats
Fans don’t know the difference from song and what’s really true facts


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