London-Based R&B Group FLO Unleash Their Beautiful “Losing You” Single

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Breakups are never easy. Luckily, London-based girl group FLO has shared their “Losing You” single that makes being on your own again easier than ever. The song arrived on Friday (December 16), and finds members Stella, Jorda, and Renée harmonizing as they express their vulnerable feelings.

“Dishes in the sink, I ain’t have no time to think / I don’t even ask you where you been / I know you’re with some other bitch,” the latter sings on the first verse. Her lyrics obviously set the tone for the rest of the track as her fellow vocalists air their own grievances.

On the chorus, Stella reflects, “Losing you was easier than I thought it’d be / I’m happy on my own / It’s the first time I finally feel at home.”

In a press release, FLO spoke about their latest release. “It’s fitting that ‘Losing You’ is being released this time of the year as it’s all about going through a loss but somehow being comforted by it,” they said.

“It reminds you of how content you are by yourself and finding that cheerful spirit during a tough time.”

Earlier this month, FLO dropped off their The Lead EP. Complete with six tracks, it finds the girls showing off their individual strengths over well built soundscapes.

As a press release notes, the trio made history last month. Thanks to their hard work, they’re officially the first group to ever win the prestigious BRIT Rising Star Award. Others to champion the same category include Adele and Sam Smith.

Stream FLO’s “Losing You” on Spotify or Apple Music below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Always lift you up and never let you down
That’s the reason you were keepin’ me around
I couldn’t see myself without you, but look now
I tapped out, I tapped out


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