Latto Reclaims Her Time On “P*ssy” Single

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She unleashes on the track and speaks on double standards, gender roles, monogamy, and men who defend abusers.


When she announced that her new track “P*ssy” would arrive this week, not everyone was on board with Latto’s teaser. The Georgia hitmaker used footage from Roe v. Wade protests in her preview, and some accused her of using the abortion debate for profit. Without hesitation, Latto clapped back at her detractors, stating that she planned on donating proceeds from the single while adding, “Y’all complain about female rap lacking substance but then say I’m ‘capitalizing’ when I speak on sh*t [emojis] help me understand???”On the track, Latto spits bars about women’s bodies not being owned by men and seems to fire a few shots at her haters. “Y’all sexualize lesbians but y’all entertain me / They engage and then gossip live from they mama basement,” she raps. Latto also speaks on gender roles, monogamy, and men who defend abusers.It has certainly sparked conversations on social media, so stream “P*ssy” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t do the insecure sh*t (Nah)
Better be a man if you want me to act like your b*tch (Yeah)
All up in them comments talkin’ ’bout some p*ssy that you never touched
F*ck you and your double standards, p*ssy ain’t for you to judge
Ayy, p*ssy n*ggas scared of monogamy (P*ssy)
How you call it pimpin’ if you got a lot of me? (Huh?)



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