Kodak Black Drops Off His New Single “I’m So Awesome”

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Kodak Black shared a new single off of his forthcoming album, “Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1.”

A follow-up to Kodak Black’s Back For Everything could be arriving shortly. The Florida rapper dished out a double single two weeks ago with “Walk” and “Spin.” The two singles appear to be the first offerings from his forthcoming effort, Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1.

Today, the rapper unveiled another single off of the project titled, “I’m So Awesome.” The “Super Gremlin” rapper takes on eloquent violin-focused production with vengeance in his tone. The rapper bites back at his naysayers, shouts out Gucci Mane, and flaunts his fleet of luxury vehicles.

Kodak Black’s forthcoming album, Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1 will be arriving on October 7th, consisting of 19 songs in total.

Press play on Kodak Black’s new single, “I’m So Awesome” below and keep your eyes peeled for Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1, which you can pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music right now.

Quotable Lyrics
This wasn’t ‘posed to happen, ’cause I was just jackin’ and stuff
I turn a n**a to maggots, yeah, he dead, flies everywhere
I done created the fabric y’all n***as be jackin’, so they gotta pay me to wear
Courvoisier is a poor n***a drink, but I’m drinkin’, you need a license to share


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