Kid Ink Proves Everyone “Dead Wrong” On His New Single

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Kid Ink shares an uplifting summer groove ahead of his forthcoming project, “Up & Away 2.”


It’s been roughly a decade since Kid Ink released his debut album Up & Away, a body of work that helped solidify his status during the blog era. He emerged with a major label deal with RCA after his debut album dropped but he has since taken the independent route. In recent times, he’s unveiled a handful of singles as he builds up the anticipation for his upcoming album, Up & Away 2.

With the sequel to his debut album on the way, the rapper blessed fans with his latest offering, “Dead Wrong.” The melodic flow and breezy production provide a perfect soundscape for Kid Ink’s uplifting message. Throughout the record, he reflects on all of the lessons he learned through his career through trial and error while proving that the hunger in his belly never died down.

Check out the latest from Kid Ink below.

Quotable Lyrics
I don’t stressin’, never see me foldin’
Bussin’ down the zaza, gotta keep it rollin’
Yeah, twist it up with the bitch straight
We already made a million of a mixtape


Marathon Continues

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