Justine Skye Targets Ex, GIVĒON, In New Single “What A Lie” Video

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Justine Skye explains how she caught GIVĒON cheating on her in her newest slow jam.


Justine Skye is an R&B singer who makes music that’s pleasing to the soul. With hits like “Collide,” “Overtime,” and “I’m Yours,” Justine knows how to use her smooth voice to climb charts. The 26-year-old songstress shows off her skills in every record she drops– including her most recent one.Today, April 22, Justine released her single “What a Lie.” The track was highly anticipated being that it’s allegedly about her previous relationship with singer, GIVĒON. The two split back in October of last year, and their separation has been spread all across social media. Justine’s tweets accuse the singer of being a cheater among other things. While the “Heartbreak Anniversary” singer hasn’t responded to any of her slander, Skye hasn’t let up.

She opens her four-minute song by saying, “User, what a user. A blessing, learning lessons.” Further into the song, Justine claims that her ex-partner was an actor who only used her for industry benefits.” She also reveals what initiated their breakup– something fans were dying to know. She sang, “Couldn’t believe I caught you that night. Saw the messages in plain sight. How you never thought to delete? Like you wanted me to read.”

Not only is the song on streaming platforms, but an official music video has been released as well. Check it all out below.

Quotable Lyrics

No one will ever know how much I put you on
All they’ll ever know is how you sing a song
But what kind of a man
Makes you part of his marketing plan?



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