Jacquees Turns Viral National Anthem Rendition Into New Song With 2 Chainz

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Jacquees shares his new song “Land Of The Free” with 2 Chainz after going viral with his rendition of the national anthem.


A week ago, the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” Jacquees went viral with his rendition of the National Anthem, which he sang at the Los Angeles Lakers game. The internet quickly made his performance into a meme, sharing funny videos of the singer’s “FreeeEEEeee” vocal runs during the anthem. As ‘Quees continues to find internet success with his version of the Anthem, the 27-year-old Decatur-based artist has officially come through with his new single, titled “Land Of The Free,” which is remixed from the viral moment.Produced by iMarkKeyz, Jacquees’ “Land Of The Free” samples his now-famous runs during the Anthem as he adds a romantic vibe to the record. 2 Chainz starts off the first verse as a feature guest, understanding the assignment and kicking things off right.

For now, the track is exclusive to YouTube channel Escape Tracks, but it will soon be uploaded to all streaming services, says Jacquees.



What do you think of “Land Of The Free?”

Quotable Lyrics:

My hand on my heart, I promise
I’ma make you mine, no problem
Be real wit’ yourself, be honest
You ain’t never met a n***a this flawless
I pledge allegiance to the game
I’m a player, no shame


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