IDK Shares Kaytranada-Produced Album, “Simple.” featuring Denzel Curry & Mike Dimes

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The 8-track project includes the previously released “Taco” and “Dog Food” featuring Denzel Curry.


If you’re in the mood to blast some upbeat tunes today, IDK’s new 8-track album is the perfect project for you. The Kaytranada-produced recorded includes the previously released “Breathe,” and “Taco,” as well as “Dog Food” featuring Denzel Curry.The only other feature comes from Texas’ own Mike Dimes, who lent his talents to the seventh title, “The Code.” On his last album – 2021’s USEE4YOURSELF, IDK worked with Young Thug, Offset, Swae Lee, and the late DMX, among others.

When explaining the title, IDK revealed, “There’s a neighbourhood in my city called “Simple City”. It gets its name because you can get killed for any simple reason.”

Simple City is also the birthplace of Marvin Gaye. I wanted to tell the story of Simple City in a way that it’s never been told before,” he continued. “From drug abuse to crime and murder, I wanted to cover what it feels like to be from Simple City and teach the world that the fix to helping disadvantaged Black communities isn’t as simple as you think.”

“The way people view our mentalities is a straightforward thing. There’s a lot of depth and it should be handled with care. I wanted to create a project where people can dance to real shit.”

Stream Simple. below, and let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section.


1. Drugstore

2. Southeast to Paris

3. Dog Food (feat. Denzel Curry)

4. Zaza Tree

5. Breathe

6. Taco

7. The Code (feat. Mike Dimes)

8. Paris to Southeast


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