Iann Dior Gets Brutally Honest On “I Find It Hard”

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Iann Dior is back with a surprise track.


Iann Dior has proven himself to be a leader of the pack when it comes to pop punk-infused hip-hop. His albums and singles have showcased a real knack for catchy songwriting, and that talent is certainly present in his latest song called “I Find It Hard.” This new track was a surprise release, and there is no doubt that fans are jumping for joy upon seeing this one on their streaming platforms this morning.As you will hear, this song is a very honest look at success and how it is difficult to find anything real these days. Dior is struggling to keep it all together and it has ultimately led him down a path of drugs and various other vices. The song itself is catchy and overall, it is yet another solid release from the young star.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Who’s gonna pick me up when I’m down (No one)
I’m just tryna find some pleasure in it (Yeah, yeah)
I’m just tryna find some better in it (Yeah, yeah)
I can really change the weather in here (Yeah, yeah)


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