Hit-Boy Produces “Scholar” Featuring Devin Morrison & 24hrs

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The trio created a music video that cleverly played off the song’s title.


Hit-Boy, born Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr., is a jack of all trades. Whether it’s producing a beat for one of the hottest artists in the industry, writing catchy rhymes that get stuck in people’s heads, or flowing on songs himself– he has done it all and the 35-year-old entertainer doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.Yesterday (July 15), he teamed up with two artists to deliver a fun, upbeat track titled “Scholar.” 24hrs, a rapper and singer hailing from Oakland, California, and Devin Morrison, a musician out of Los Angeles, both accompanied Hit-Boy on the record. The three-minute single consisted of a vibrating, yet mellow, type of tone and went perfectly with each artist’s voice.

The song started with 24hrs rapping the memorable chorus. “2 a.m. on Ventura with a b*tch that’s bad as toddlers/And I don’t blame lil shawty, she ain’t grow up with her father… Dropped up out of school/We always knew I wasn’t no scholar,” he harmonized on the beat.

The guys also dropped a visual for the record on YouTube. It currently sits at over 23,000 videos after being posted less than 24 hours ago. Shot in a high school setting, the video featured Bel-Air star, Jabari Banks, along with women dressed in skimpy schoolgirl outfits.

Check out the visuals and stream the single below.

Quotable Lyrics

I keep it P with all the G’s for real
Spent ten bands on these Carti’s so I can see for real
Hit-Boy that’s my twin, that’s my twin for real
I told him it’s even better when a real n*gga win


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