Funk Flex & Conway End Beef With “RIP Steve Smith”

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After trading words on Instagram, Conway debuted a new freestyle with Funk Flex on Thursday.


Things got heated last week between Conway and Funk Flex after the Griselda rapper claimed that New York radio needed new DJs. Though he called out a slew of DJs in the Big Apple, it was Funk Flex that fired back with a slew of posts targetting Conway. Eventually, Funk Flex invited Conway to debut a new freestyle on his show, and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night.

Conway and Funk Flex teamed up for “RIP Steve Smith” this week which finds the Buffalo MC taking on Biz Markie’s “Nobody Beats the Biz.” The song is in dedication to Steve Smith who Flex credits for establishing hip-hop programming as we know it today.

Check out Conway’s “RIP Steve Smith” freestyle that Funk Flex debuted on Thursday below.

Quotable Lyrics
Thought it was over but I came back with bigger jewels
Sold out arenas like a nigga play for Liverpool
Ten bad bitches in my swimming pool
Funny ’cause n***as said I remind ’em of B.I.G., now me and Diddy cool


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