French Montana Releases New Song ‘Morocco’ To Celebrate Team’s World Cup Run

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French Montana is very happy with the way his team has performed in the world cup.

France will take on Argentina in the World Cup final after beating Morocco 2-0 in the semi-final on December 14 but football fans all over the world are surely appreciating Morocco’s gritty performance in the tournament.

French Montana has decided to release a new song named after his country in celebration of the national team’s historic first-time semi-final appearance. The song features mostly Arabic vocals while the video contains celebratory visuals from Moroccans taking to the streets to celebrate, clips from previous games, and the rapper’s massive rally in Times Square on Saturday.

“If they win today, they go to the World Cup. If they lose, they still win because Morocco has never made it this far. I’m so proud of this team and to call Morocco my home,” French said. Hear it below.


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