Father Returns With “Young Hot Ebony 2” Featuring Zack Fox, Tony Shhnow & More

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Have you heard Father’s latest release yet?


After eight long years of waiting, Father has finally returned with his follow-up to 2014’s Young Hot Ebony, which featured Ethereal, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Kay!, Lord Narf, Pyramid Quince, Rich Po Slim, ABRA, Stalin Majesty, Archibald Slim, and GAHM.The sequel sees the return of just one collaborator – Archibald Slim on “Let’s Kick His Ass!” with Zack Fox – though he does have a host of new special guests, and the improvement of nearly a decade’s experience to enhance this new tape.

Titles like “Pay N Spray,” “Bounty,” “Horsepower,” “Bichon Frise,” and “Only Built 4 Hermès Linx” all arrived as singles ahead of YHE2‘s official debut, and new songs include “Chapel Hill Heists,” “What won’t he do?” and “Conquer & Provide” with Meltycanon.

When promoting his work on Instagram, Father wrote, “YOUNG HOT EBONY 2 has arrived! With my beautiful son and heir to the young hot throne as the cover star.”

Stream the 12-track album on Spotify or Apple Music below, and share your thoughts down in the comment section.


1. Chapel Hill Heists

2. What won’t he do?

3. Pay N Spray

4. Flim Flam

5. I keep dat pump action

6. Let’s Kick His Ass! (feat. Zack Fox & Archibald Slim)

7. Vicky’s Sermon

8. Bounty

9. Conquer & Provide (feat. Meltycanon)

10. Horsepower

11. Only Built 4 Hermès Linx (feat. Tony Shhnow)

12. Bichon Frise



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