Doechii Makes A Huge Impression In Just 90 Seconds On “Bitch I’m Nice”

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Doechii didn’t need a lot of time to make her point.


Doechii has been making a huge impression on the rap game as of late. The female MC was recently on the XXL Freshman List where she delivered a unique freestyle that had a lot of people talking. Since coming into the game, she has been sure to remain consistent with her releases, and on Friday, Doechii kept up her consistency by dropping a short yet sweet track called “Bitch I’m Nice.”With this track, delivers two breathtaking verses in which she switches up her flows over uptempo and bassy production. The hook on this track is extremely catchy and Doechii comes through with the flows to match. Overall, this track marks Doechii’s ascension into the rap game, and we can’t wait to hear more from her in the not-so-distant future.

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Quotable Lyrics:

No sweat, I’m the heavyweight champ, whaddup?
When I bring the coke out, white girls cut up
When I walk up in the room, every boy shut up
‘Cause they know my n****s zoom and they cut the run out


Marathon Continues

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