DJ Muggs Enlists Scarface & Freddie Gibbs On “Street Made”

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DJ Muggs hints that his new single, “Street Made” could be Scarface’s final rap song ahead of his farewell tour.


DJ Muggs has over 30 years in the game but there’s evidently no stopping him. The famed producer is currently on pace to release Soul Assassins 3 and he’s been blessing fans with new singles to hold them down until the project drops. Earlier this year, Muggs enlisted East Coast legends Method Man and Slick Rick for the single, “Metropolis.” Now, he bridges the gap between the Midwest and the South with his latest offering, “Street Code” ft. Scarface and Freddie Gibbs. The eerie production is the perfect backdrop for Scarface’s cautionary bars of the streets while Gibbs still provides vivid coke raps as if he was holding onto a brick in the booth.

The music video for the song sadly indicated that it could be Scarface’s final rap song before his forthcoming farewell tour. In a sense, it’s a full circle moment since Gibbs, who he previously worked with on Pinata song “Broken,” has frequently called Scarface one of his biggest influences.

Check out the song below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
I got different flavors of dope like n***as got weed strains
Wait ’til rigor mortis set in, that n***a freeze framed
I blow cane on a tug boat, fentanyl got ’em comatose
Gotta watch it these days, they could trace a pack when a n***a overdose


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